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Come in, take a seat and join a forward thinking club with a difference!

Before we start, we just wanted to let you know a few things about our origins... was launched in 1999 as "The 1100's the star technical centre", very quickly the site gained a following, and was relaunched as in 2002. Following feedback from visitors, the site was re-branded as in 2004. Since then, the site has grown into a community with representation in a number of countries (including those where the ADO16 was not "officially" exported!).

In 2017, international was launched to bring people together under one well known brand. has always prided itself on doing things differently - and international is no different! We have one membership rate, no matter where you are in the world!

When you become a supporter of international you'll receive the following benefits:

• Access to exclusive member only discounts.
• A monthly PDF newsletter.
• 6 issues of "The Connaught", which is the official PDF magazine of international.
• Access to a dedicated members only section of the website, which is new and is being frequently updated with a huge amount of material that we are trying to get on as soon as possible.

Don't forget it only costs £10 per year to support us, that's less than £1 per month!

So why wait any longer?

Now for the rules:

1. Talk about cars (specifically the ADO16 variant), but others are welcome.
2 - 20. Please refer to rule 1.

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Still not ready to join? Have a question that's not been answered in the text above? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) below...


How much does it cost to join international?

Annual membership costs £10. Your membership runs for a year from the date you join the club.

I'm not based in the UK, does it still cost just £10 to join?

Yes, we have one joining fee, and you can expect to receive exactly the same benefits as a member in the U.K.

How do you make it so "cheap" to join?

Simple, we do NOT issue any of our communications by post. By issuing all documents in a PDF format, it means we can reduce to major overheads (printing costs and postage), and pass these savings onto you through a lower joining fee.

£10 seems too cheap, is there a catch?

Absolutely none whatsoever. international has public, and directors liability insurance, so you can rest assured that we have protected our members as any other club does. We just want to do things differently and become the club of choice for the ADO16 range of cars.

When do I get access to the supporters section of site?

As soon as you've paid, and received your confirmation email you'll also receive details of the password and user name to access the supporters area. As we use "straight through" real-time processing you'll receive both within minutes of paying.

I've not yet received a confirmation email from you, what do I need to do?

Firstly, please check any "Spam" filters you may have set up on your email account. Check the email address you entered in the members portal by clicking here to login. Finally, if after checking both of these solutions, contact our membership secretary by clicking here.

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