29 March 2019 Michael_T-V

2019 PCCCRS – The 1966, Wolseley 1100

Last weekend’s UK Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show (PCCCRS) saw considerable activity on the ado16.info club stand, especially surrounding Emily’s 1966, Wolseley 1100, with just a little help from Tom!

Over the course of the weekend Tom replaced the dynamo with an alternator, changed the water pump and the oil and filter. He also adjusted the rear pitch springs and attended to a few other minor things such as the temperature and fuel gauges. Meanwhile Emily painted; underneath in black, the engine in green and she also began painting various components in green – well that was until Tom intervened, and so the pulley and fan received a coat of yellow paint.

Emily also set about polishing various items and concluded the show was a great success – far more was accomplished on the Wolseley than if they had stayed at home.

Missed this years Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show (PCCCRS)? Never fear, there’s always next years – save the date now!

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Michael's interest in cars started from an early age, when he would spend time in his Dad's garage observing many a job being undertaken. Naturally as Michael grew up, cars were firmly a part of his DNA, and as such the interest has gone from strength to strength. Having always had a keen interest in all things British, it probably wouldn't surprise you to know that his portfolio of cars have always been British made.