16 August 2020 Michael_T-V

August 2020 – Our COVID-19 update…

It’s been a while since our last COVID-19 update – and we thought now was a good time to bring you up to speed as we see it.

A different car scene in 2020…

With many events either being cancelled or postponed in 2020, we’ve had to take a very fluid approach to our own calendar. As a result, there have been last minute cancellations and date changes. We’ll continue to monitor events for our National Rally, which is due to take place with BMC day at the British Motor Museum in September. If the event is cancelled, or the executive feel the risk of attending such a show compromises member safety we may cancel club attendance at short notice. Please do check the website regularly for the latest updates.

Next up, we’ve taken the really difficult decision to withdraw from all indoor shows for the remainder of 2020, this includes the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show 2020, with Discovery. This is not a decision we’ve taken lightly. For those of you who have visited our stands previously, you’ll be aware that our ethos is very much centred around inviting people onto our stand and being able to mingle with visitors. We’re not one of those clubs who hide behind a swathe of regalia, or on deck chairs behind a car. We’re up front and talking to you, our visitors, our guests. In the current circumstances we’d struggle to put on an event we’d be proud of, and we know that we’d struggle to recruit members and their cars for the stand. We have to be quite realistic to the fact that the vast majority of membership will fall into the “vulnerable” category.

Being responsible…

Our members safety is always our number one priority. We know that as we move in 2021 (yes, we’re really planning that far forward) – that it is likely we’ll have more of the same difficult decisions we’ll have to make. We’re already thinking how we can become “contactless” at events – yet still pull together a stand that engages with the visiting public.

The future…

We’re always looking forward, and we know the next 12 months are going to be trying times for all. As a club with relatively low overheads, we’re not expecting any major bumps in the road, all of our communication & payments are already handled digitally. We’ve seen traffic to the site increase astronomically during lockdown, and in turn membership numbers rise. Both huge positives, which fits with our philosophy of being open 24/7, 365 days a year.


Thank you for your understanding, being a member – and your feedback.  We can’t wait to see you again soon!

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Michael's interest in cars started from an early age, when he would spend time in his Dad's garage observing many a job being undertaken. Naturally as Michael grew up, cars were firmly a part of his DNA, and as such the interest has gone from strength to strength. Having always had a keen interest in all things British, it probably wouldn't surprise you to know that his portfolio of cars have always been British made.