The Austin 1100 Supremo, the “up market” standard 1100. This conversion was for those who had purchased a standard Austin 1100 and wanted that little bit more luxury to finish it off.

Externally, treatment was limited to a two tone paint job, and gold lines down the side. Under the bonnet, however, your A-Series Engine was tuned by Nerus Engineering. To make the car perform better the combustion chambers were matched, polished and the porting was airflowed. The Compression ration was raised from the standard 8.5 to 9.3 to 1 – the draw back? Super premium fuel had to be used to get the best performance. The single SU carburettor was replaced with a special manifold and a pair of 1.2inch S.U. carburettors, while on the exhaust side a three-branch tubular free-flow manifold was used instead of the normal cast iron one.

The standard silver finished dashboard was replaced with a veneered item, wood door cappings were also fitted to cover the metal usually seen on the inside of the door. A centre console was fitted incorporating a rev counter, oil pressure gauge and clock. With Britax electric window winder boxes mounted on each door panel, you were joining the advanced “motor” category.

The Supermo also used the thicker rubber backed carpets as supplied in many Mk1 vehicles between 1964 – 1967. Besides better sound deadening, they were harder wearing too!! Further adding to the “Touch of class” you could be assured of a “Silent Ride” because special super de luxe polyether foam was used and sound deadening.

The price tag of £105 sounds quite reasonable when you consider that the cost of the engine conversion would represent a huge proportion of that one would imagine. A similar Downton tuned engine would have cost £92 5s 9d.

Magazine review:

Date of publicationTitle of publicationArticle title
05/06/1964AutocarAustin 1100 Supremo