4 December 2018 Michael_T-V

Forums: All good things must come to an end…

It’s been 11 years since our forum graced the Internet – and boy have they weathered the storm! Forums came and went, but we still remained! There have been several “rebrands” times, the odd unexpected outage – and have arguably outlived the “MySpace” hype.

We’ve been accessed via dial up, ADSL, and now super fast Broadband. Things have really been happening around us… and that’s just the problem!

The way we interact has moved on, and we’ve seen forum traffic dwindle, more so than ever in 2018. Facebook allows users to connect almost instantly and get answers in real-time! What’s more, most of our forum users are already enjoying interacting with Facebook. That means the tumbleweed is quite literally rolling across the forum boards.

Goodbyes are never easy, but this one might be a little easier…

Coupled with falling visitor numbers, our forum boards use legacy software. This means, the platform we use in no longer in development. Transferring over to a new forum and taking everything with us is not a straightforward process. It would require significant investment, which is something we cannot commit to.

We’ve, therefore, taken the decision that it’s time to retire our forums, but don’t worry it won’t be straight away! We’ve disabled new registrations and posting to the forum, but if you’re already a member you can view the archives. The team are already pulling together the really useful posts, with a view to include them on the website.

We’re working on many new exciting features to add the ado16.info community. These will be ready to share very soon!



Michael's interest in cars started from an early age, when he would spend time in his Dad's garage observing many a job being undertaken. Naturally as Michael grew up, cars were firmly a part of his DNA, and as such the interest has gone from strength to strength. Having always had a keen interest in all things British, it probably wouldn't surprise you to know that his portfolio of cars have always been British made.