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    Hi all, May I ask if anyone knows if a 1972 Wolseley 1300 should have twin cabs or just the one please? Despite seeing info on the ‘net saying that this model may have twin carbs, the one that I am looking for sale only seems to have one fitted – so is presumably slightly slower than those fitted with twins? Any suggestions welcomed, Thanks, Richard (Prospective Member) (


    Hi Richard,
    Sorry for the delay in replying but I have only just found your post – hope it’s not too late in respect of the car you were looking at. A 1972 Wolseley 1300 should be fitted with twin SU HS2 carburettors if manual transmission and single SU HS4 if automatic. All of the ‘upmarket’ cars (i.e. except Austin and Morris) had twin carbs with manual transmision after around mid-1968 and all ADO16’s with automatic transmission had a single carb. If the car you have seen is manual then I’d guess it’s had a complete power unit swap at some time in the past – out of the more common Austin/Morris before the rest of car was scrapped? Yes, the single carb set-up is slightly slower than the twin, being only rated 58bhp rather than 65bhp, but is still perfectly usable. My early 1968 single carb Vanden Plas 1300, which is, albeit by not very much, the heaviest of the 4-door cars, is more than capable of keeping up with modern traffic (and is often slowed down by it!) except perhaps on steep-ish uphills and long not-so-steep ones. I have no experience of the automatic but understand that, although it works well enough, the car’s performance is somewhat sluggish due to the power-sapping nature of the transmission. Hope this has been of some help and good luck with your search or, maybe now, new purchase.
    (Another prospective new member but long time owner) (

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