Q: The website won’t load!?!

Our website is proudly built using WordPress, and in the main put together using a MacBook Air running OS High Sierra (10.13.x). The site is extensively tested in Safari (both on the Mac, iPhone and iPad), Google Chrome, Firefox, and on a Windows 8.1 PC running Internet Explorer 11. 

It’s our aim to make your experience as pleasurable as possible, but we understand that there are sometimes “bugs” that we don’t know about, and are unable to replicate. If you spot something that doesn’t appear to be working as expected – please get in touch with our webmaster who will do his utmost to ensure the problem is looked into. 

Current known issues:

  • The MacOS Safari browser when installed with the Incognito (by Orbicule) extension. This extension is designed to block Facebook/Google Analytics tracking – but it also appears to stop Facebook feeds from running. As a result, the home page will not load. The workaround for this problem is to either uninstall the extension, or use a browser where this extension is not installed.