1 January 2019 Michael_T-V

Happy New Year! 2018, a proud year for ado16.info

Happy New Year to all of our community!

Happy New YearIt doesn’t seem like 5 minutes since we were wishing you a Happy New Year and all the best for 2018. We were also sharing with you some of the exciting changes that were coming your way.

Fast-forward 12 months, and we’ve made huge progress! Membership has grown, our community on Facebook has grown. We’ve attended our second NEC Restoration Show, and second NEC Classic Car show – arguably pushing the boundaries of many car clubs by embracing the digital age, and encouraging people to interact. 

Other notable events this year include:

  • A completely redesigned website – with most of the content transferred over (Ok, ok – there’s still a fair bit to go!!)
  • A redesigned shop – now with single sign on, one username/password does everything!
  • Archives bursting at the seams! (115 Press photographs, 115 brochures – of which there are over 500 pages to view, a bulging technical archive – and more to come).
  • Discounts that really do live up to expectations! 

There’s loads more we could say – but we don’t want to bore you!

So, what’s to come?

2019 is an extra special year for ado16.info! It’s our 20th Birthday! The best bit… you’re all invited! A lot has happened in 20 years – and we want you to be part of our history! 

November 1999

We said a lot had happened in 20 years… this is what we looked like when we first launched!

We’re heading back to Birmingham in March for the Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show , with Discovery 2019. We’re still formulating our plan for the stand, and still actively looking for people to take part

There’s more exciting content to add to the website, and other improvements to come! 

Still not a member?

There’s really no excuse! For many of us, it’s Bank Holiday – and it takes around 10 minutes to join up! You’ll get instant access – and with the option to auto-renew your membership… what are you waiting for?

We’re really excited to see members old and new in March – and don’t forget, Kevin our PDF magazine editor is always looking for content for “The Connaught”. If you’ve got something, no matter how short – please consider sending it in 🙂 


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Michael's interest in cars started from an early age, when he would spend time in his Dad's garage observing many a job being undertaken. Naturally as Michael grew up, cars were firmly a part of his DNA, and as such the interest has gone from strength to strength. Having always had a keen interest in all things British, it probably wouldn't surprise you to know that his portfolio of cars have always been British made.