13 November 2023 Michael_T-V

Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show – 1967 MG 1100

It’s a wrap! The 2023 show season is over (at least it is here in the UK)… we take a look back at the cars that were on our stand at the 2023 Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show.

In the autumn of 1962, a captivating British classic took its inaugural bow: the MG 1100. This vehicle was a distinguished member of the illustrious ADO16 family. What set this model apart was its spirited twin carburettor version of the 1098cc A-series engine. This powerful engine not only imbued the MG with lively performance but also etched its name in the annals of automotive legend.

One glance was all it took to recognise the MG variant, thanks to its iconic front grille adorned with the distinctive MG insignia. This design element not only paid homage to its sporty heritage but also added to its aesthetic charm. What truly made the MG 1100 a versatile gem was its availability in both two and four-door configurations. It’s worth noting, however, that the two-door model was only available for export markets. The journey of the MG 1100 Mk1 continued until October 1967, with approximately 123,354 of these splendid vehicles gracing the roads.

Fast forward to the present day, and the MG 1100 Mk1 has aged like fine wine, standing as a testament to its remarkable craftsmanship. This 56-year-old classic, “Monty”, remains in pristine condition, a testament to the care it has received over the years. Only a few adjustments were needed since it found its way into the David’s care. From the relocation of mirrors for practicality to professional rust repairs, this trusty companion has stayed faithful through the years. It boasts an impressive track record, with an annual service and MoT, clocking 10,000 miles in the past four years. One noteworthy feat was a hassle-free 1,700-mile journey to Clermont-Ferrand in France, a testament to its enduring reliability. The only hiccup in this otherwise smooth ride was a minor drive shaft coupling issue on a trip to the NC500, swiftly resolved with a replacement.

But beyond its mechanical prowess, this MG 1100 represents an emotional connection that transcends time and generations. The bond traces back to David’s roots, having learned to drive in a Morris 1100, a car not unlike this beloved MG. The nostalgia runs deep, and the allure of that white exterior, just like David’s mother’s November 1963 Morris 1100, was too strong to resist. When the chance arose in 2019 to acquire Monty, it was a heartfelt reunion with a cherished piece of automotive history, an ode to personal memories and an enduring love for British classics. And as the journey continues, plans for more adventures are on the horizon, keeping the spirit of the MG 1100 alive and thriving.

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Michael's interest in cars started from an early age, when he would spend time in his Dad's garage observing many a job being undertaken. Naturally as Michael grew up, cars were firmly a part of his DNA, and as such the interest has gone from strength to strength. Having always had a keen interest in all things British, it probably wouldn't surprise you to know that his portfolio of cars have always been British made.

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