15 November 2023 Michael_T-V

Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show – 1969 MG 1300

It’s a wrap! The 2023 show season is over (at least it is here in the UK)… we take a look back at the cars that were on our stand at the 2023 Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show.

In the October of 1968, the stage was set for a thrilling new chapter in the storied ADO16 family with the arrival of the MG 1300 Mk2. With the bold “Mk2” badge, it signified an era of evolution and innovation. Beneath the bonnet lay a revamped 1275cc A-series engine, equipped with twin carburettors, delivering a notable surge in both power and performance. This upgraded engine, combined with a fresh close-ratio gearbox, not only elevated the car’s spirited performance but also firmly established it as a performance-oriented car.

The interior underwent a modern transformation, featuring updated trim and a rejuvenated facia panel layout. These enhancements not only raised the bar in terms of comfort and aesthetics but also reflected the car’s commitment to contemporary design. The MG 1300 Mk2 captivated motorists and the automotive press alike. In fact, Motor Magazine, in their February 1969 road test, jubilantly declared, “at last – real performance,” echoing the sheer exhilaration this model brought to its drivers.

Despite its relatively short production run, which concluded in September 1971, the MG 1300 Mk2 left an indelible mark in the hearts of automotive enthusiasts. A remarkable 23,609 of these captivating vehicles graced the roads during their production years.

The particular example showcased on the ado16.info stand now belongs to Matt Gregory, who acquired the car in May 2023. While the car underwent restoration approximately two decades ago, it had remained dormant since. Naturally, there was an array of recommissioning tasks to prepare the car for its debut at the NEC, representing Matt’s dedication to reviving this classic. With an eye for interior refinement, he replaced the dashboard, transitioning the interior from black to a striking red, harmoniously complementing the non-standard two-tone paint finish. Matt’s attention to detail also extended to the addition of Dunlop D1 alloy wheels, a splendid period accessory. As with any vehicle, especially a cherished ADO16, it’s an ongoing labor of love!

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