14 December 2018 Michael_T-V

Login 2.0 – Logging into your favourite club just got easier!

We hinted in our post last week that we were bringing you a number of enhancements to the site over the coming weeks. Great news, the first enhancement is here, and we’ve termed it “Login 2.0”!

Everyone has a million passwords these days and remembering them… “Which one did I set up for…”. Never fear, we’ve made remembering your ado16.info password easier. You can now link and login with your Social Media account.

Don’t want to link your Social Media account to ado16.info? No problem, you can continue using your usual ado16.info credentials! Oh, and we should probably add – we’ve made that better too. Can’t login, but sure you’re entering the correct password? Check it! Simply press the “eye” icon at the end of the password field – and your password will be revealed! Another helpful feature, from a helpful club 🙂

Whilst adding the additional functionality we’ve also overhauled the login page – and we think it looks rather smart! 

To get setup review our FAQ document here. 

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