23 March 2024 Michael_T-V

NEC Restoration Show – Day 1 report

The Practical Classics Classic Car and Restoration Show kicked off with a vibrant start, drawing in enthusiasts and experts alike to celebrate the timeless allure of classic automobiles. Amidst the array of stands and showcases, the ado16.info stand stood out as a hub of activity and restoration prowess.

One of the standout highlights of the day was the skilled intervention by Ian and Dawn Kennedy from Hydragas and Hydrolastic Service Ltd. They undertook a permanent fix on Maggie’s rear suspension, replacing both roller feet with precision and expertise. This demonstration not only showcased their technical proficiency but also underscored the commitment to preserving the authenticity and functionality of the ADO16’s unique ride.

Additionally, the Kennedy duo attended to a Wolseley 1300 experiencing suspension issues on the driver’s side. Fortunately, the diagnosis revealed a minor issue—a weeping connection—bringing relief to both the owner and onlookers. This instance highlighted the importance of meticulous maintenance and timely interventions in the world of classic car restoration.

Throughout the day, the ado16.info stand buzzed with conversations among members, both old and new, exchanging anecdotes and insights into ADO16 motoring of yesteryear. However, the story that truly captured the imagination was shared by a passerby recounting a dramatic incident involving a 1300. The tale of aquaplaning in adverse weather conditions leading to a rollover not only added an element of intrigue but also emphasised the enduring legacy of these iconic vehicles.

Adding a nostalgic touch to the ambiance was the presence of a transistor radio on the rear parcel shelf, emanating the timeless tunes of legendary DJ Tony Blackburn (even after the accident!). This detail served as a poignant reminder of the bygone era and the cultural significance intertwined with classic car ownership today.

In conclusion, Day 1 of the Practical Classics Classic Car and Restoration Show delivered an immersive experience for enthusiasts. From technical demonstrations to captivating anecdotes, the day was a testament to the enduring allure of classic motoring and the passionate community that sustains it.

ADO16.info is here all weekend in Hall 5, stand 728 – pop by and say hello!

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