When I have down time, I tend to buy a copy of Practical Classics. I'm one of those, "flick to page 5, and see what cars are featured" type readers.

Over the Christmas period, I find myself with more time on my hands than the rest of year. It’s great spending time with family, and it also gives me the opportunity to get caught up. Be it with tasks on the website, or get up to speed with what’s been happening in the Classic Car scene…

When I have down time, I tend to buy a copy of Practical Classics. I’m one of those, “flick to page 5, and see what cars are featured” type readers. I then base the rest of journey through the mag based on this initial scan. Three up from the bottom, I spot it – a Wolseley 1100. You know what happens next – scoot on over to page 36 to see “what’s occurrin'”.

Imagine my surprise when I see a car that is no stranger to ado16.info across two pages. For those who missed it last year – Emily Cook’s Wolseley 1100 was on our stand at the Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show in 2019.

Emily’s car is lovingly referred to as “Maggie”. Maggie featured in the film “The Lady in the Van”, which starred Maggie Smith (get the link?).



Literally reading the story I was beaming from ear to ear. It was great to relive the rebuild, which I’d followed on Maggie’s instagram page (@restoringmaggie), as well the initial shock at seeing Maggie drive onto the stand – something I didn’t expect! All weekend, Emily & Tom worked on Maggie, and the activity drew crowds to the stand.

Emily & Tom are no strangers to the Restoration show, having previously brought along to the ado16.info stand, Alice (a 1970 Austin 1300 – instagram link here). But by far, the work undertaken to Maggie in such a short timeframe was absolutely outstanding, and deserves recognising.

So, why the rambling?

Put simply, I’d really like the ado16.info community to support Emily & Tom in the Pratical Classics – Restorer of the year – 2019 competition. While voting is not yet open (we’ll share details with you nearer the time). It’s great to see a younger generation really into the ADO16 range.

Note: Although the latest issue of Practical Classics suggests that Emily & Tom’s restoration will be entered in the 2020 competition, we have it on good authority that it will be the 2019 competition!

I should probably add…

I’m usually an observant person, so missing the picture of Maggie on the Front Cover of Practical Classics is unforgivable – Sorry Emily & Tom!

Happy New Year! – 2020, a lot to look forward to…

2020 - Happy New Year!

Firstly, a very Happy New Year to all our members. Whether you’re celebrating the dawning of 2020 with “us”, we hope your 2020 is a great one!

2020 is already shaping up to be a busy year for the ado16.info team. Preparations will soon get underway for the Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show. We’ll be posting more information nearer the time, but for now – don’t forget members have an excellent discount code available to them.

2019 has been a particularly special year for ado16.info. Here are some of our highlights:

  • Attended our 3rd Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration show (PCCCRS).
  • Nominated for “Outstanding Online Presence by a car club” at the PCCCRS.
  • Held our National, and combined a Road Run and overnight stay – including a last look at Longbridge before most of it is flattened.
  • Membership climbed past the 300 mark (and still growing!).
  • Attended the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show 2019, with Discovery.

I’m sure I’ve missed some others – but the whole team are incredibly proud of the growth of the club, and indeed our online following. Our philosophy can be summed up by this quote:

"Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles. "
- Steve Jobs

Not currently taking advantage of your daily dose of ado16.info – follow ado16.info desk on facebook today!

Finally, a huge big thank you to you! Without, you, we wouldn’t be here – and continuing to grow.

2020 - best of

Merry Christmas from us all at ado16.info!

Merry Christmas from all of us at ado16.info!

2019 has certainly been a year to remember. We turned 20, had our biggest ever stand at the NEC Classic Motor show in November, and membership has continued to grow! It’s also at this time of the year the team behind the club get the opportunity to reflect.

It’s important for us to thank you for being a member, and indeed, for your help and support throughout 2019.

We’re looking forward to 2020, and can’t wait to meet members old and new – our first event will be the Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show with Discovery.

For those celebrating Christmas, we hope you have a very enjoyable time!


Breaking news: ado16.info is off to the Resto Show!


We’re always excited when we get selected to display at the resto show. Never heard of the resto show before, read below for more information…

The countdown to Christmas is in full swing for many of our members! For those in the Northern hemisphere winter is waiting to pounce with vengeance! It seems fitting, therefore, that we start to look ahead to 2020 – and in particular the Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show with Discovery.

We’re thrilled to be invited back to this event. This will be our 4th visit – and one we always look forward to attending.

Once again, we’ve got a prime spot – right in between Dream Rides and the Practical Classics Live Stage. We’re also next door to the GCCG, who were crowned the club of the year in the Classic & Sports Car Club awards at the November show. We’ll be in Hall 5, Stand 470.

As in previous years we will have service, repair and restoration work happening on our stand throughout the show. Our plans are forming but if you want to be involved with your car then get in touch and we’ll try to accommodate.

If you’re a member of ado16.info then you can take advantage of the discounted ticket offer the club receives as a exhibitor. This discounted ticket offer also benefits the club with the provision of additional volunteer wristbands, so don’t delay! Pre-order your tickets today!

Add the event to your calendar today! And, keep your eyes peeled for updates nearer the time.

A change to our NEC Line up… with us calling up a backup!

The 2019, Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with Discovery opens today and by calling upon a backup car we are all set…

…the surprise appearance comes from the Magenta based upon a 1968, MG 1300; around 900 examples of the Magenta were sold and with a fibreglass body the survival rate is good by ADO16 standards. It is a car we will look at in detail before the end of the year particularly as it took MG 1300 performance to another level combined with open top ADO16 motoring.

Commercial vehicle transport had been arranged for the Vanden Plas Princess 1100 but the lorry was involved in an accident prior to collecting the car from Wales – we were dealing with very short notice and so the most expedient option was to call in the Magenta; we had just fnished setting up the stand and taking these images when the NEC security personnel came and asked us to leave for the night; so it ended up being a little last minute but nonetheless we are very pleased with how our stand has turned out. Indeed, we know some of you will think we look better for having to make the change!

Examples of the ADO16 can be found scattered about on other stands but clearly with 4-cars we serve as the main focal point whilst our unique backdrop (with special thanks to Dean Gray) does feature your variant, no matter how rare it is.

Certainly in the UK, the Austin Victoria Deluxe has always been a rare sight and we have positioned the car parallel to the Wolseley 1300 so that an exact comparison can be made between the more usual Pininfarina styling and the more controversial Michelotti styling.

On the other end of the stand we have the original ADO16, the Morris 1100 which at launch was shortly followed by the MG, a good 12-months ahead of the Austin; so we feel it rather appropriate to position the MG based Magenta alongside…

…just as the Victoria represents the final incarnation of the Austin, so does the Magenta represent the final incarnation of the MG.

We’re delighted to have such a helpful community, who at the last minute were able to come up with a backup!

Come along and tell us what you think of the stand, share your ADO16 stories and eat some 20th anniversary ado16.info birthday cake – slap bang in the middle of Hall 4, Stand 572.

Countdown to the National almost in single numbers!


As the countdown to the National almost completes, we thought we’d give you a reminder of what to expect.

Saturday, 7th September, 2019

ado16.info club run…

…we’ll be meeting at the entrance of the Transport Museum Wythall (Chapel Lane, Wythall, B47 6JA) around 11.00am and driving off at 11.30am for 60-90 minutes before stopping for lunch..

We’re hoping to attract as many classic cars as possible plus of course a few of the ADO16!

THIS IS THE DAY BEFORE the actual UK National Rally.

Sunday, 8th September, 2019

The Sunday is the “main event”, with cars arriving at the museum at 10:00.

The plan is for a really informal gathering. Allowing members (and visiting classic owners) the time to be able to interact with each other and enjoy the museum.

The day aims to end around 16:30.

This is ado16.info’s 20th birthday celebrations – and it’d be great to have an amazing turnout to celebrate an important milestone in our history.

Official countdown:

Looking for more events? Check out our events page for more information.

Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with Discovery November 2019

Yes, I’ll apologise in advance for getting you to think ahead to November – after all there’s a lot due to happen between now and then. For starters, the ado16.info national rally – many local events, and hopefully for those of us in the UK some sunshine?

Whether you like it or not, November isn’t exactly a million miles away!

You may have seen our news article, previously outlining the Classic Motor Show (if not, where have you been?). As a club, we’re always delighted when it’s confirmed that we’ve got a stand. It’s certainly the biggest indoor show that we attend – and one that we plan really carefully for.

It’s an opportunity to catch up with members old and new, and of course listen to some fantastic stories. As a thank you for displaying, the Classic Motor Show team offer the club a unique discount code to receive a fantastic saving on the standard ticket price. That code is available for all our members here. If you purchase tickets using our code it helps us by awarding us free wristbands, which means we can have even more people helping out on the stand!

Can’t come, because you’re overseas? No problem, it’s not always possible (or cost effective) to fly in from the USA or New Zealand, but you can still help the club by donating a few spare pounds.

Failing, that if you’re not a member, you can save money by booking your tickets in advance by visiting the Classic Motor Show’s page directly.

Time left until Classic Motor Show, November 2019:

Pride – supporting our LGBTQ+ members

ado16.info has always been proud to do things differently, and we’re even prouder to be supporting our LGBTQ+ members during this year’s pride events across the globe.

To show our support for our LGBTQ members we’ve added a couple of flags, and a new paint job to the bonnet of our logo.

ado16.info will continue to do things differently, and be an inclusive car club for everyone!

For those celebrating pride – enjoy!


Will you be joining us at this Novembers’ Classic Motor Show?

Birmingham is fast becoming the home of ado16.info. It’s fitting, as most of our cars rolled off the production line at Longbridge. For us though it’s where ado16.info was really born. It makes that trip “home” even more special! Throw into the mix a whole host of classic cars… it can only mean one thing!

We’re thrilled to have been invited back to the NEC for this years LANCASTER INSURANCE CLASSIC MOTOR SHOW, WITH DISCOVERY.

The important dates for your diary are Friday 8 – Sunday 10 November 2019. Don’t forget, members of ado16.info receive a discount if you use the special code on our discounts page!

Planning is already underway for our stand which is in Hall 4 stand 572. We’d love to hear from any club members who also have ideas or would like to be involved over the course of the event.

Nearer the time we’ll be able to provide more details, including what you can expect to see on our stand. To give you a flavour, it’ll be something based around Top Trumps!

In the meantime you can find out more about the biggest Classic Motor Show by visiting their page.

To whet your appetite, we’ve included some photographs below from our previous visits to the NEC.

You said we did…

You saidWe’re good at listening, but we act upon what you tell us – that’s what sets us apart. 

A few months back, we explained that the time had come for our forums to finally close. Visitor numbers and posts were hugely down on levels we’d seen previously, and the tech was powered by a rubber band! After the forum went into “limp home mode”, traffic all but dried up – and we pulled the plug. 

Expecting that to have been the end of that, we have been inundated with comments wanting a forum, and wanting a place to call home (that’s not Facebook!). We’ve teased, and we’ve tested – and we’re finally in position to officially open our new forum boards! The content from the old boards couldn’t be transferred over, so we’re starting afresh. 

Whether you’re a free or paid member you start enjoying the boards today! To help the club recoup some of the running cost, we’d kindly ask you to join as a paid up member (it’s only £10 a year!) or alternatively you can always hit the donate button to send us a few quid. If you join, however, you’ll receive all the usual member benefits! 

We’re delighted to say we do what you ask us to, and we can’t wait to welcome to your new ADO16 community hub! So, go and stick the kettle on, make a cuppa, and join in!