shortlisted for award at NEC Restoration Show! is delighted to have been shortlisted for an award in the category of “Outstanding Online Presence by a Car Club”. For those who don’t know, it’s the website’s 20th birthday later in the year. As you can imagine, the team were delighted to receive this news. Want to find out who else has been shortlisted, and in which category? Click here for the full list.


With a range of brochures, press pictures, road tests, and technical information – the site continues to grow. Whether you’re in the middle of a rebuild, needing technical information. Or you’re researching the history of the ADO16, then our archives are some of the most comprehensive on the web!

We’re proud to be able to act of member feedback really quickly, and hold our hands up when things don’t work as they should. We’re more than just a website, we’re a community – and we’re proud to have your support. 

The National Car Club Awards 2019 are presented in association with Tourism Ireland, supported by Classic Car Weekly and endorsed by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs. The results will be announced on Saturday 23rd March from 6:15pm, and we’ll share with you our overall position just as soon as we can. 

Not got tickets to the Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show, with Discovery? Don’t panic! There’s still time! If you’re a member, please use the special discount code on this page!

We look forward to meeting members old & new!

The Connaught – Celebrating the best bits of 2018

You probably saw our post on Facebook a few weeks back, with highlights from The Connaught over the last 12 months.

The Connaught

If you’re not sure what The Connaught is, then where have you been? It’s the bi-monthly magazine of, and is dispatched to members via email notification. So wherever you are, you’re always connected to the club (assuming you’ve packed your phone or tablet!). 

We have one membership rate, and we like it that way. We call it “The world of” – encouraging people to connect to all corners of the globe. 

Below you’ll find the full PDF of the best bits of 2018, if you’re a member this is a compilation of the best bits from our 6 issues in 2018.

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Happy New Year! 2018, a proud year for

Happy New Year to all of our community!

Happy New YearIt doesn’t seem like 5 minutes since we were wishing you a Happy New Year and all the best for 2018. We were also sharing with you some of the exciting changes that were coming your way.

Fast-forward 12 months, and we’ve made huge progress! Membership has grown, our community on Facebook has grown. We’ve attended our second NEC Restoration Show, and second NEC Classic Car show – arguably pushing the boundaries of many car clubs by embracing the digital age, and encouraging people to interact. 

Other notable events this year include:

  • A completely redesigned website – with most of the content transferred over (Ok, ok – there’s still a fair bit to go!!)
  • A redesigned shop – now with single sign on, one username/password does everything!
  • Archives bursting at the seams! (115 Press photographs, 115 brochures – of which there are over 500 pages to view, a bulging technical archive – and more to come).
  • Discounts that really do live up to expectations! 

There’s loads more we could say – but we don’t want to bore you!

So, what’s to come?

2019 is an extra special year for! It’s our 20th Birthday! The best bit… you’re all invited! A lot has happened in 20 years – and we want you to be part of our history! 

November 1999

We said a lot had happened in 20 years… this is what we looked like when we first launched!

We’re heading back to Birmingham in March for the Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show , with Discovery 2019. We’re still formulating our plan for the stand, and still actively looking for people to take part

There’s more exciting content to add to the website, and other improvements to come! 

Still not a member?

There’s really no excuse! For many of us, it’s Bank Holiday – and it takes around 10 minutes to join up! You’ll get instant access – and with the option to auto-renew your membership… what are you waiting for?

We’re really excited to see members old and new in March – and don’t forget, Kevin our PDF magazine editor is always looking for content for “The Connaught”. If you’ve got something, no matter how short – please consider sending it in 🙂 is off to the NEC Restoration Show

Restoration Show

Attending the Practical Classics Classic Car and Restoration Show, with Discovery has become an annual event for us.

Next year celebrates being 20-years old. Also worthy of celebration is the phenomenal growth our club has seen in recent years. In recognition of our footprint in the classic car world, we have been rewarded with our largest stand to date!

Additionally we have a very high profile spot. This year we’re right next to one of the main attractions of the show – Dream Rides. We’re looking forward to sharing ADO16 memories with both existing enthusiasts and given our location, those who might not otherwise see our cars.

As in previous years we will have service, repair and restoration work happening on our stand throughout the show. Our plans are forming but if you want to be involved with your car then get in touch and we’ll try to accommodate.

If you’re a member of then you can take advantage of the discounted ticket offer the club receives as a exhibitor. This discounted ticket offer also benefits the club, so don’t delay! Pre-order your tickets today!

Not a member (why not?) – you can still take advantage of discounted tickets using discount code PRCS19FLY on the organisers website.

Cant’ wait until March? We’ve added some photos below from previous years to whet your appetite! 

Been trying to renew your membership?

We’ve been made aware of an error within the link that has been emailed out to members who are due to renew their membership soon. 

As part of continual improvement to the website, changes were made to the renewal page about a week ago. The changes made appear to have inadvertently changed the URL (the web page address).

To make sure no-one misses out, we’ve added a redirect to the old link and corrected the email.

If you’ve deleted the email you’ve received, you can click this link where you can renew your membership immediately!

We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused!

Login 2.0 – Logging into your favourite club just got easier!

We hinted in our post last week that we were bringing you a number of enhancements to the site over the coming weeks. Great news, the first enhancement is here, and we’ve termed it “Login 2.0”!

Everyone has a million passwords these days and remembering them… “Which one did I set up for…”. Never fear, we’ve made remembering your password easier. You can now link and login with your Social Media account.

Don’t want to link your Social Media account to No problem, you can continue using your usual credentials! Oh, and we should probably add – we’ve made that better too. Can’t login, but sure you’re entering the correct password? Check it! Simply press the “eye” icon at the end of the password field – and your password will be revealed! Another helpful feature, from a helpful club 🙂

Whilst adding the additional functionality we’ve also overhauled the login page – and we think it looks rather smart! 

To get setup review our FAQ document here. 

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Forums: All good things must come to an end…

It’s been 11 years since our forum graced the Internet – and boy have they weathered the storm! Forums came and went, but we still remained! There have been several “rebrands” times, the odd unexpected outage – and have arguably outlived the “MySpace” hype.

We’ve been accessed via dial up, ADSL, and now super fast Broadband. Things have really been happening around us… and that’s just the problem!

The way we interact has moved on, and we’ve seen forum traffic dwindle, more so than ever in 2018. Facebook allows users to connect almost instantly and get answers in real-time! What’s more, most of our forum users are already enjoying interacting with Facebook. That means the tumbleweed is quite literally rolling across the forum boards.

Coupled with falling visitor numbers, our forum boards use legacy software. This means, the platform we use in no longer in development. Transferring over to a new forum and taking everything with us is not a straightforward process. It would require significant investment, which is something we cannot commit to.

We’ve, therefore, taken the decision that it’s time to retire our forums, but don’t worry it won’t be straight away! We’ve disabled new registrations and posting to the forum, but if you’re already a member you can view the archives. The team are already pulling together the really useful posts, with a view to include them on the website.

We’re working on many new exciting features to add the community. These will be ready to share very soon!

Dates for your diary – Mark these as saved!


Winter is kicking in here in the Northern Hemisphere. So, now’s the time to be looking forward and saving those 2019 dates!

Meanwhile in the Southern Hemisphere summer is fast approaching! In other words, there’s a jam packed car calendar ahead!

As we set the fire to the third bar here at HQ we’re already looking forward to 2019. As a result, we’ve got some key dates for you to put in your diary. is celebrating it’s 20th Birthday next year! This, of course, means we’ll be having a party!


22nd – 24th March – Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show (Member discounted ticket code is available in the discounts section of the website).

7th & 8th September – National Rally. This year is being held at the Transport Museum, Wythall.

More to follow! confirms lineup for NEC 9th-11th November 2018

Hall 3, Stand 100

Built to last, and a first for the UK! is pleased to announce the lineup for our upcoming stand at the NEC!

The ADO16 was launched in 1962 with a design built to last; setting new standards in badge engineering whilst in South African production would continue until 1977…

Becoming the best-selling car of the whole BMC, British Leyland and even Rover combine, global sales of the ADO16 exceeded 2.5 million units after just 14-years. It would take the little sister Mini 41-years to sell 5.4 million cars.

No other car has ever been badge engineered to the same extent; initially launched as the humble Morris 1100, 2-months later saw the launch of the second incarnation with the brand which epitomises badge engineering – bring on the MG 1100.

Pininfarina styled the initial ADO16 but that other Italian styling giant Michelotti also wanted a slice of the action; the Michelotti ADO16 Apache was brought into production by Leyland South Africa continuing with the model until 1976 and never before has a South African Austin Apache been displayed at the NEC.

Representing the early incarnation and fresh from complete restoration will be Martin’s 1967, MG 1100, in fact one of the very last of the Mark I versions and possibly the youngest surviving example.

Lineup MGLineup MG 2

…and there is more…

Also fresh from total restoration and featured this summer by Practical Classics magazine is Ian’s South African built 1976, Austin Apache – a very rare model which indeed has never before even been displayed at a UK indoor show.

Lineup ApacheLineup Apache 2

…and even more…

Although we can only squeeze 2-cars onto the actual ADO16 Club stand we do have another member’s special ADO16 also fresh from restoration; demonstrating our Club and the ADO16 ethos of collaboration, whilst solving our problem of how to display three wonderful cars, we have joining the Blue Light Vehicle Preservation Group stand what is perhaps the most iconic of all Panda Cars – a term incidentally first coined in the UK during the 1960’s.

Lee’s 1972, Mark III Austin 1100– ex-Police Car is also fresh from restoration – complete with a full documented history the Austin was originally ordered by the Ministry of Defence for export to the British Embassy in Vienna, Austria. Having covered less than 1,000 miles the car returned to the UK in 1975 to be pressed into service by the Metropolitan Police Force of Greater London (The Met).

LineupLineup 2

With a Club Facebook Group of 1,900 and members, contacts and representatives in over 40-countries, you can join the only ADO16 club with free and paid membership levels.