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What do I need to do?

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How do I know I’m viewing the SSL version of the website?

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The law is changing GDPR, and we need your help!

You may have heard about the new General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), that comes into effect on 25th May 2018. To help comply with GDPR consent requirements, we written out to all of our members to ask for confirmation that you would like to receive email notifications from us.

25th May 2018 sees the introduction of GDPR

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In a ground breaking move, has launched two levels of membership – Paid and Free
David, Club Chairman

Free Membership offers the opportunity be part of, providing access to selected content of the website and from time to time a specially prepared Newsletter.

Paid Membership offers full membership of and specifically provides:

  • ‘The Connaught’, the official bi-monthly PDF Magazine of
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  • Exclusive discounts with a number of significant suppliers
  • Access to a dedicated members only section of the website, containing a vast archive of vehicle information including press photographs, brochures, and access to technical information

It costs only £10.00 per year to support the efforts of all those working for this international club.

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Panel project recognised as runner up in awards 2017

Our panel project has been recognised as a runner up in the Classic & Sports Car Club awards 2017, which is an amazing accolade for such a young club.

panel project

Some of the team at the Classic & Sports Car Club Awards event.
From left to right:
Back row: David, Simon, Alan & Dawn.
Front row: Michael and Chris

Classic & Sports Car said the following in it’s on-line write up of the event:

“2017 was also marked by a number of fantastic club initiatives, many of which focused on safeguarding the future of our classics. The members of launched a crowd-funding scheme in order to purchase a bodyshell and other panels so that they can have other panels remanufactured, but the award ultimately went to the Ginetta Owners’ Club…”

Whilst the team were disappointed not to pick up the award, we are very proud to be recognised – and thank all of members and contributors who brought the project very much to life. 

FBHVC membership beckons for!

We all know the ADO16 originated in the UK and today the country enjoys an enormous classic car movement which conservative estimates put at being worth £4.3 billion to the UK economy; that’s highly significant for us ADO16 enthusiasts especially as many of the components on our cars were common to other models.

The UK classic car movement is represented by the Federation of British Historical Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC), they liaise with owners’ clubs, and manufacturers of parts and represent both owners and the industry at UK governmental level – they also have relations with federations in other countries and so for all of these reasons has become a member of the FBHVC.

FBHVC logo

From time to time the FBHVC newsletter has articles of important general car interest which if appropriate we will share with you, our members via “The Connaught”.

This is a huge step for a Car Club in it’s infancy, but we hope that this is a clear demonstration of’s commitment to it’s community, and we look forward to being part of this worldwide organisation. strikes motoring gold thanks to it’s supporters! has been working hard to help provide a lasting and tangible legacy for the ADO16, the BMC/British Leyland 1100/1300 range of cars.

We have used crowd funding to raise money to purchase targeted panels and incredibly we have also procured a whole 2-door bodyshell and we also we have the side of a 4-door model.

By establishing a working relationship with Classic Sheetmetal Limited in Birmingham, UK we are now in a position to proudly announce that high quality bespoke repair sections to enable the restoration of any ADO16 are now available to help achieve one of the principle aims of – to help keep Britain’s bestselling car of the sixties alive.

Production and despatch of repair panels has already begun; orders can be place by contacting Chris at Classic Sheetmetal:

Click here to email

+44 (0) 7980 00 23 65

Exclusive to paid-up members of the international club is a very generous 10 per cent discount.

If welding is not your forte then Classic Sheetmetal can also offer a body restoration service, so your bespoke panels would be manufactured and actually fitted!

Panel Manufacture – update

This week the first load of purchased and loaned panels was delivered to Classic Sheetmetal Limited in Birmingham, UK – the birthplace of the ADO16.

Simon Harley, who has been leading the international project handed over to Chris the Managing Director various items including both 2-door and 4-door skins, various sill parts and both a bootlid and incredibly an estate tailgate!

Chris will be copying panels and making them available for sale. Already Simon has been fielding requests but first in line are a pair of rear wheel arches for his own Austin 1100 project – a car you may recall seeing when we displayed at the Practical Classics Classic Car Restoration Show earlier this year – progress with the wheel arches will get reported in our full colour Club Magazine, The Connaught.

Simon is currently negotiating, on behalf of international, on something we think could be very special – with delivery scheduled to take place mid-July, so stay tuned for further updates!

Panel Manufacture

An opportunity for complete panel and rear subframe re-manufacture has come to Limited, also and perhaps more importantly the opportunity to make specific small repair sections.

We intend purchasing various original panels for this purpose with money already pledged by members ahead of this more ambitious fund raising – if we were to raise several thousand within a couple of days we might also purchase a complete bodyshell currently available for the same purpose but realistically our aim is to purchase all of the available panels from another source. Limited will need to oversee the legalities of panel purchase and ownership, storage and re-manufacture. We have a very clear plan of action and will ensure that the interests of Limited and the members of international are protected.

We hope you can help, no matter how small. Contributions can be made through our gofundme page, by clicking the button below.

Yes please, I’d like to donate!