27 June 2018 Michael_T-V

ado16.info in partnership with Registro Storico Innocenti

Following our recent Facebook coverage of the Innocenti range, we have been in discussion with Mirco, the President of the Registro Storico Innocenti (the Innocenti Historical Register)…

…we are delighted to announce a new partnership between our two clubs – Mirco recognises that our two clubs have very similar aims and clearly with there being an Innocenti version of the ADO16 we have a very common interest.

“Creating links and partnering with clubs in other countries shows the how classic car scene is evolving” – David, ado16.info Chairman.

We are still in the process of transferring across to our new website platform but in time we will be expanding the Innocenti section whilst also referring Italian interest to the wonderful Registro Storico Innocenti website: http://www.registroinnocenti.org

Equally, ado16.info is looking forward to providing all manner of support to not just Italian Innocenti ADO16 owners but also the many non-Innocenti ADO16 models in Italy.

Almost half of the ado16.info club members are outside of the UK and we are very proud to be continually providing extensive support and advice, and also spare parts, not to mention enthusiasm to ADO16 owners in every continent across the whole globe.

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