When I have down time, I tend to buy a copy of Practical Classics. I'm one of those, "flick to page 5, and see what cars are featured" type readers.

Over the Christmas period, I find myself with more time on my hands than the rest of year. It’s great spending time with family, and it also gives me the opportunity to get caught up. Be it with tasks on the website, or get up to speed with what’s been happening in the Classic Car scene…

When I have down time, I tend to buy a copy of Practical Classics. I’m one of those, “flick to page 5, and see what cars are featured” type readers. I then base the rest of journey through the mag based on this initial scan. Three up from the bottom, I spot it – a Wolseley 1100. You know what happens next – scoot on over to page 36 to see “what’s occurrin'”.

Imagine my surprise when I see a car that is no stranger to ado16.info across two pages. For those who missed it last year – Emily Cook’s Wolseley 1100 was on our stand at the Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show in 2019.

Emily’s car is lovingly referred to as “Maggie”. Maggie featured in the film “The Lady in the Van”, which starred Maggie Smith (get the link?).



Literally reading the story I was beaming from ear to ear. It was great to relive the rebuild, which I’d followed on Maggie’s instagram page (@restoringmaggie), as well the initial shock at seeing Maggie drive onto the stand – something I didn’t expect! All weekend, Emily & Tom worked on Maggie, and the activity drew crowds to the stand.

Emily & Tom are no strangers to the Restoration show, having previously brought along to the ado16.info stand, Alice (a 1970 Austin 1300 – instagram link here). But by far, the work undertaken to Maggie in such a short timeframe was absolutely outstanding, and deserves recognising.

So, why the rambling?

Put simply, I’d really like the ado16.info community to support Emily & Tom in the Pratical Classics – Restorer of the year – 2019 competition. While voting is not yet open (we’ll share details with you nearer the time). It’s great to see a younger generation really into the ADO16 range.

Note: Although the latest issue of Practical Classics suggests that Emily & Tom’s restoration will be entered in the 2020 competition, we have it on good authority that it will be the 2019 competition!

I should probably add…

I’m usually an observant person, so missing the picture of Maggie on the Front Cover of Practical Classics is unforgivable – Sorry Emily & Tom!

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