Every website has one – and this is our Privacy Policy. We recommend you read it, it’s simple and easy to follow.

ado16.info Limited processes your personal data in order to fulfil our contractual relationship with you as a member of the Club. This enables us to process subscription payments and renewals and deliver the benefits of membership such as the supply of tickets for events, email newsletters with information about events, as well as your bi-monthly edition of “The Connaught”. Your personal data is collected via the above form, within this website’s password protected Members Area. Your personal information will be stored and processed solely for the purpose of Club related communications and events. ado16.info Limited takes the security of our members’ details seriously and never releases personal information for third party marketing use.

Your data will be kept in a password protected database on a secure server accessible only to you and authorised officers of the Club. No information will be displayed in your profile to other members. To view or change your profile information click the “My Profile” link found within the “My Membership” menu link once you have logged in. Any credit card information provided when paying your subscription is collected and stored by a secure Paypal website and not by ado16.info Limited.

If you choose to link your ado16.info account to your Social Media Profile, we will only retrieve your email address and profile picture (although we do not add your profile picture to your account). We will not post to your social media profile, and will not receive any further information fr your social media account.

The Club uses MailChimp for the newsletter/magazine notification emails sent to members whenever a publication is available to view. Limited information is provided to MailChimp for this service (Your name, and email address). You can opt out of this at any time, by either clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any notification email, or by updating your profile, and clicking the “disable email notification” button. Membership renewal reminders will not be affected, and are not issued through MailChimp.

If you decide to leave the club, or your subscription expires and is not renewed, your data will be retained for a period of up to 3 months in order to deal with any queries from you. At the end of this period all your data will be deleted. You can view and update your data at any time by visiting the “My Profile” page. If you wish to delete your data please please submit a request to us. Please note that deleting your data will result in immediate cancellation of your membership as we will no longer be able to deliver our service to you.

The Data Protection Officer for ado16.info Limited is the Webmaster to whom any enquiries or data related requests should be addressed.