During the production run of any vehicle it is necessary for the manufacturer to issue workshops with service documentation. BMC Service Memorandums and Technical Information sheets were the day to day method that BMC used to communicate to their dealer network about technical problems & their solutions.

Reading through them gives you a brilliant insight into the problems suffered during the early days of production, with many updates being issued almost on a day to day basis.

This flurry of activity, usually coincided with the inception of a new model.

Below you’ll find the Service Memorandums and Technical Information sheets held in the ado16.info archives.

In each section, the sheets are arranged by date order. To view a particular sheet simply click the corresponding icon.

Note: You can only view the technical sheets if you are paid up club member. To find out more, click here.

Service Memorandums

Ref No.Service Memorandum titleDate
M/854Hydrolastic Hand Pump1st August 1962
M/855Pistons & Connecting Roads2nd August 1962
M/857Cleaning Crackle Paint Finish - Fascia Panel7th August 1962
M/858Flywheel and Clutch Remover Adapters7th September 1962
M/860Hydrolastic Suspension26th September 1962
M/863Steering Lock Angles25th October 1962
M/864Special Alterations Required to Early Productions26th October 1962
M/868Steering Lock Angles29th November 1962
M/869Clutch & Brake Master Cylinders12th December 1962
M/870Hydrolastic Suspension20th December 1962
M/874Engine Vibration and Boom22nd August 1963
M/871Care of the Cooling System4th January 1963
M/872Headlining - Rectifying Faulty Adhesion10th January 1963
M/873Hydrolastic Pipe Chafing8th January 1963
M/882Poor Starting/Engine Misfiring1st March 1963
M/883Wiring Harness1st March 1963
M/885Handbrake Lever8th April 1963
M/886Hydrolastic Service Equipment 18G 6825th April 1963
M/888Interior Finshers17th April 1963
M/890Seat Adjustment14th May 1963
M/891Schrader Valve Assembly - Hydrolastic Units17th May 1963
M/892Hydrolastic Service Equipment 18G 70321st May 1963
M/893Direction Indicator Switch22nd May 1963
M/895Gear Lever Draught Excluder - ACA 971225th June 1963
M/897Disc Brakes8th August 1963
M/900 (Cancelling M/893)Direction Indicator Switch21st August 1963
M/902Reclaiming Anti-Roll Bar Fixing Bolt Holes9th September 1963
M/902 - RevisedReclaiming Anti-Roll Bar Fixing Bolt Holes29th January 1964
M/903Speaker Fret22nd January 1964

Technical Information

Ref No.Service Bulletin titleDate
GN/47Drive shaft knock27th September 1962
GN/98Oil seal leakage - front drive hubs29th March 1963
GN/125Service tools7th August 1963
GN/145Commission numbers10th October 1963
GN/150Girling centre valve brake master cylinders18th October 1963
GN/153Rear suspension auxiliary spring setting25th October 1963
GN/156BMC automatic seat belt ADA 4192 - sill fitting12th November 1963
GN/164Retention of final drive pinion28th November 1963
GN/174Carburettor piston rod2nd January 1964
GN/177Final drive shaft flange nuts15th January 1964
GN/190Windscreen washer failures5th February 1964
GN/194Door locks13th February 1964
GN/199Low oil pressure12th November 1963
GN/202Adaptor - remote control housing to differential cover27th February 1964
GN/203Windscreen washer failures27th February 1964
GN/208Automatic seat belts6th March 1964
GN/211Gear lever rattle18th March 1964
GN/215Reverse light switch24th March 1964
GN/217Service tools26th March 1964
1A2F1Choke cable vibration2nd February 1964
1A4F2Fuel pump16th April 1964
1C1Body Shell Replacement2nd July 1964
1C3F1Rectification of Door Lock Faults - Private Lock Cancelling20th July 1964
1B2F1Direction indicator switch14th October 1964
1A7Fuel Pump13th August 1964
1B6Fuel gauges and tank units4th November 1964
1D15Important Modifications Recently Introduced6th November 1964
1D14F3Retention of final drive pinion10th November 1964
1B8Car radio interference11th November 1964
1B9F2Accelerator cable - stiff operation18th November 1964
1C7F3Headlining rectifying faulty adhesion1st December 1964
1B12F4Direction Indicator Switch1st December 1964
1C8Important modifications recently introduced4th December 1964
1A17Important Modifications Recently Introduced7th December 1964
1F25Exhaust system1st January 1965
1C10F4Front seat creak14th January 1965
1B24F10Tank units19th March 1965
1D21Constant velocity joints14th April 1965
1F37Lashing brackets rear23rd April 1965
1F39Exhaust system - rear support brackets30th May 1965
1B37F13Windscreen washer non-return valve16th June 1965
1F48F18Exhaust down pipe leakage24th June 1965
1A36Engine vibration and boom29th June 1965
1C32Removal and replacement of door lock mechanism30th June 1965
1B38F14Heater Hoses13th July 1965
1F53Hydrolastic Suspension2nd August 1965
1G23Lifting Jack2nd August 1965
1A40F13Care of the Cooling System6th August 1965
1B41F16Speedometer Cable4th November 1965
1C38Bonnet Hinge Assembly5th November 1965
1F66F24Improved Braking22nd November 1965
1A51Choke Cable24th November 1965
1A53F21Care of the Cooling System3rd January 1966
1B50F23Oil Pressure and Lubrication Warning Lights22nd February 1966
1B52F25Batteries24th February 1966
1C46Front floor Veltone carpet - movement15th April 1966
1A70Fuel starvation6th May 1966
1C48Door check arm guide spring12th May 1966
1F85F34Improved Sealing - Rear Radius Arm Pivots17th June 1966
1B56F26Distributor22nd August 1966
1G42F18Service tools1st September 1966
1C52Rear Seat Squab Support Bolts29th September 1966
1C53Rattle From Sliding Roof3rd October 1966
1B59Direction Indicator Switch4th October 1966
1C54Packing Strip - Glass Channel (2-Door)29th November 1966
1B61Direction Indicator Switch21st December 1966
1F96Front Suspension Tie Rod23rd December 1966
1D67Gear selector bell crank lever pivot2nd January 1967
1C55F10Positive Retention of Rear Seat Squab26th January 1967
1F100F41Handbrake Linkage Lubrication14th March 1967
1A93F41Petrol Filler Cap20th March 1967
1F104F45Exhaust Mountings4th April 1967
1A95Oil Leakage13th April 1967
1C58F11Reclining Seats20th April 1967
1C59Centre Pillar Liner10th May 1967
1F109F48Handbrake Lever12th May 1967
1B69F36Windscreen Wiper Motor15th May 1967
1A98Ignition Timing15th June 1967
1B72F39Heater Units22nd June 1967
1D81Stall Speed Check2nd August 1967
1B76F41Seat Belt Fixing26th September 1967
1B78F43Accelerator Cable4th October 1967
1F133F60Steering Rack Rattles11th October 1967
1A119F50Sparking Plugs13th October 1967
1B79F44Improved Water Proofing3rd November 1967
1F139F65Steering Wheels29th November 1967
1B81F46Speedometer Flexible Drive21st December 1967
1G63F23Service Tools31st January 1968
1A121Petrol Pipe7th February 1968
1C64F13Door lock (two door models)12th February 1968
1C65Weather Proofing7th March 1968
1F144Wheel Track Adjustment7th March 1968
1C66F14Petrol fumes and water leaks13th March 1968
1B85Seat Belts29th March 1968
1F148F69Left hand front displacer unit20th May 1968
1C70F17Rear Seat Cushion24th May 1968
1B87F50Windscreen Wiper26th June 1968
1B91F53Speedometer Flexible Drive3rd September 1968
1D120F33Exhaust system fouling automatic transmission casing30th October 1968
1A144F621300 Range31st December 1968
1D128F38'A' type transmission power units11th February 1969
1D134Clutch slip during 3rd to top gear changes21st May 1969
1C77F20Reclining seat frames CZA 3795/61st July 1969
1A153F71Flexible fuel pipes22nd September 1969
1B100F62Speedometer noise23rd September 1969
1A155F73Cylinder head gasket14th October 1969
1E9Dewaxing11th November 1969
1F178F96Brake Judder21st November 1969
1A160F78Carburettor Adjustment9th December 1969
1A166F83Dynamo Adjustment11th February 1970
1A165F82Plastic Expansion Tank17th February 1970
1C85F27Front Seat (Fixed Squab)16th March 1970
1A169F85Additional Engine Steady RodJune 1970
1C93F34Removel and replacement of lock mechanisms1st October 1970
1C94F35Tailgate Lock - Rectifying Partial EngagementDecember 1970
1C95F36Radiator Cowl ModificationJanuary 1971
1F203F117Suspension ServicingJuly 1971
1A183Carburretters IcingFebruary 1972
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