1967 MG 1100 Mk I

Owner: Martin Williamson

After a series of coincidences, mishaps, and random people, or putting it more simply without going into all the details, the MG 1100 was purchased in October of 2016. Originally supplied in Inverness in Connaught green with green interior the car has spent all its life until then in Scotland. 

From the folder and MOT history it appears it was off the road for some time and underwent extensive welding work and respray in a non-original two-tone scheme. This 1100 had a certain charm about it and an honesty that one feels when viewing a classic, being solid in all the right places albeit with some paint bubbling from reactions. To be fair I probably should have waited for a better one to come along but that’s not me!

Suffice to say that after 9 months of using the car and sorting some running issues, I made the rash decision to get it repainted in original colours. Colours?  Well, my wife was rather taken with the two tone scheme so we settled on a more original Connaught Green over Old English White. The bodyshop suggested a three week turn around in the July of 2017 and so the interior was stripped out along with the windscreens and all the trim. The plan was to have it back on the road by the first ado16.info national rally in the September. But when have plans ever been followed?  

Once the paint was removed there were endless issues with heat distortion and rippling hidden by deep layers of filler, but no rust on the positive side. “The metal whisperer” as he became known over the next months worked his magic everywhere straightening things out and sorting some minor rust spots. 

Needless to say, it wasn’t until nearly Christmas 2017 before the car returned to the garage. At which point it was very obvious that the engine bay and boot were not to the same standard any longer and had to be done. So followed a lengthy session of sorting those with the engine and fuel tank out. Amidst the pressures of travel for work it’s only now that the car is almost nearing completion. 

There’s the constant battle to not replace everything with new as is the case when restorations of this nature are undertaken and it is not going to be a Concours car, it will get used. So where possible much of the original equipment has been re-used but a new wiring loom has gone in for safety reasons. As the year has progressed a number of ideas have formed in my head to create something a little special but for now I’m keeping that for later, but rest assured, they’re period and in keeping with the ethos of Safety Fast and the finished project is about being “built to last”.


MG 1100 Mk I Prices

ModelPriceYearOptional extrasMarket
2 door£798 10s 7d1962
4 door£713 9s 7d1962Leather upholstery £13 15s 0d
Duotone paint £15 2s 1d
4 door£713 9s 7d1963
4-door Sports SaloonR1639 (Reef)
R1604 (Coast)
1963South Africa
4 door£713 9s 7d1964
4 door£754 7s 1d1965 (Sales invoice)

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Pub. no. Brochure titleDateReg. no.Country
6230The most advanced MG of all timeJune 1962n/a
n/aDer neue MG einmalig1962n/a
6329The most advanced MG of all timeApril 1963n/a
6419The most advanced MG of all timeApril 1964n/a
6434Today's smart car is the MG Princess 1100May 1964n/a
FAG 6000Der neue MG einmalig1 May 1964n/a
6474MG 1100 Safety fast!September 1964n/a
FAG 5000Der neue MG einmalig1 December 1964n/a
6519MG Sports Sedan. This is the car...August 1965n/a
2359MG 1100 Safety fast!April 1966n/a

Publicity photographs

Neg No.  Make & Model Year Reg No. Country
n/aMG 11001962315 LWL
104227MG 11001962n/a
109137MG 11001 October 1962443 MJO
124786M.G. 11001962734 NJO
124990MG 11001962157 RFC
176423MG 1300 Saloon1967n/a