1976 Austin Apache

Owner: Ian Creese

The Apache was produced in South Africa between December 1971 until 1977 – with cars being sold into 1978. This is the first time an Austin Apache has been shown at the NEC.

My Apache is called Gerry (short for Geronimo because he is a small Apache, geddit?) He was imported into the UK by his original South African owner in March 1985 and had 2 owners until his third owner put him into a lockup in London and left him there for 22 years.

I bought him from a friend of the third owner in April 2016, who turned out to be Sam Glover, Technical Editor at Practical Classics magazine. I spent 16 months getting him back on the road which included having one of the hydrolastic displacers reconditioned, which was completed by Ian and Dawn Kennedy. The paint was stripped back to bare metal and Gerry was resprayed by me, using my own paint blend that looks almost black but has some maroon in it. The carpets were replaced and so too was the dash top that came from a Vanden Plas that I found on ebay.

Over the winter of 2017 I rebuilt the engine and repainted the engine bay. After I finished the resto I contacted Sam and sent some pictures and said cheekily “Here you go Sam this is what you could have done if you’d got your finger out” Next day I had an e-mail from James Walshe deputy editor from Practical Classics asking to do an article. A 5 page spread was Published in the Sept 2018 issue.


Austin Apache Prices

Austin ApacheR19951971
Austin ApacheR21451972
Austin ApacheR22251973
Austin ApacheTCR24451973
Austin ApacheR22951974
Austin ApacheTCR25451974
Austin ApacheR24951975
Austin ApacheTCR27251975
Austin ApacheR29951976
Austin ApacheTCR32501976
Austin ApacheR33701977
Austin ApacheTCR36801977
Austin ApacheR34701978
Austin ApacheTCR36801978

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n/aAustin Apache TCc1973APACHESouth Africa